Terms & Conditions

  1. Name and address

    Albirex Niigata Singapore Soccer School and Cheer Dance School are managed by Albirex Singapore PTE LTD which is located at Jurong East Sports Complex.
    (21 Jurong East St 31 #04-04 Jurong East Sports Complex Singapore 609517)

  2. Purpose

    This school is intended for more people to spread soccer, cheer dance, and deepen the understanding of the sport, to contribute to the promotion of sports in the region and aims to develop health mentally and physically.

  3. Eligibility for membership

    Any kids in good health condition and suitable to do sports.
    In addition, you must obtain the consent of the parental or guardian.

  4. Admission procedure

    a: Complete the enrollment application form and submit to management.
    b: Admission fee, annual facility usage fees and the first month tuition fee to be paid by the specified date stated by the school.
    Payment received will not be refunded, except in the cases of severe injuries.

  5. Payment of monthly fees

    a: Tuition fees will be deducted on monthly basis on the 25th of month, from the account specified by the member. Members have to make sure that there is sufficient amount in their account for the deductions.
    b: If there is no sufficient funds, fees will be deducted in the next month. No payment in cash will be accepted.
    In the case that the amount to be deducted is unsuccessful again, transfer has to be made to the school designated account. 
    Any transfer fee incurred will be charged to the member.
    c: If student decided to terminate the lesson halfway of month, full month fees will still be charged.
    d: There will be no refund of the monthly fee if students did not attend the lessons.

  6. Rental of the facility

    There is a charge for the fees of usage of the facility on each January and July with monthly fees.
    If the student join after January or July, the rental fees will be pro-rated per month.

  7. Temporary Absence

    a: Student who wish to apply for temporary absence must submit the suspension application to management by 20th of the month.
    b: Suspension is only available by month. If the student suspends lesson over 6 months without any notice, membership will be cancelled automatically.
    c: The suspension will start from the following month after submission of application form.

  8. Termination

    a: Student can terminate membership by submitting the termination application form to management by 20th of the month.
    b: The termination process will only be completed when we receive the form, otherwise we do not accept the termination.

  9. Returning

    Student has to notice us before the beginning of the month if the student wish to re-enroll to the school.

  10. Changing the class

    Student has to inform us before end of the month if the student want to change the class.

  11. Changing your personal information

    The student must inform the management if there is any change in personal particulars.
    We shall not be responsible for any loss, damages and troubles of any delivery items.

  12. Compliance Requirement

    The student must comply with the terms and conditions.

  13. Insurance

    a: Student will be insured upon joining and processing of insurance will be done by the school.
    b: Any claims will be covered under insurance only. We will not reimburse any other claims not under the insurance.

  14. Expulsion

    Student and/or parental authority may be deemed to be ineligible as a member by the school if:
    a: Found violating Terms & Conditions
    b: Significantly damage honor and dignity of the school
    c: Fees are not paid for more than 3 months

  15. Canceled or closed class

    a: In case of natural disasters, state emergencies, or if school decided that safety & security of students is compromised, classes will be cancelled.
    b: If there are less than five students in the class, class might be closed.

  16. Haze

    In the event of haze, there will be no replacement for lesson. Please see below as guide:
    PSI 0〜100 lesson as usual PSI 101〜200 Cancel lesson in outdoor PSI 201〜 Class cancelled

  17. Joining the class

    The student can join the class which the student registered.

  18. Supplementary provision

    Student do not ask for any compensation about theft or injury or other accident in the school and also school is not compensation.

  19. Immunity

    a: The school has the right to amend the Terms & Conditions in this Agreement at any time.
    It should be noted that, after the change notification from the school, it is deemed that member have approved the change matters and new membership agreement related to this Agreement.
    b: In the event of permanent school closure, school will refund admission fee only to members of less than one year of joining, which will be pro-rated based on the unused months, and the unused rental fee.

  20. Effect

    This Agreement shall take effect from September 1, 2013.