Is it all right in Beginner?

All right!
Most of the school students are starts from the beginner. We lecture you carefully if you start from a beginner.

What should I do when I want to absent from the school for a long term?

You can use the adjournment system. Please contact us within one month before adjournment basically.

should I purchase the uniforms separately when I enroll the school? I want to join as a brother /sister. Is there a brother / sister discount?

S$30 discount per month for one brother /sister
1) Start at Cheer Dance School
It also applies to brothers / sisters who join the cheer dance school.
2)Cross-sectional application of soccer schools and cheer dance schools
Regardless of whether you are enrolled in a soccer school or a cheer dance school, it applies across your second brother / sister.
There is no need to apply.